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Some of emtech's long term customers live in the aerospace and defense industry segments.

emtech has developed systems (hardware and software) targetted to solve very specific problems in these areas, and of course we understand the criticality of the mission and design and develop our solutions knowing that failure is not an option and system must remain available, reliable and working as per requirements. 

Beyond system requirements, we also understand this type of applications imply major project risks, from financial to human. We understand the thoroughness of industry standards and stay committed to observe and adhere to these specifications, while still procuring to maintain a balance in project cost, time and deliverables.

We have participated in the design and implementation of several subsystems of a satellite, that all working together integrally allow the satellite to fulfill the mission for it was designed. Among the main tasks we have done include: 

  • Implementation of algorithms for detecting and correcting errors. 
  • Management of mass storage systems. 
  • Development of hardware, software and HDL for ground support systems of various subsystems. 
  • Design of FPGA cores for flight systems. 
  • RTL verification and FPGA cores post PAR of plates spatial use. 
  • Analysis of worst-case timing, RTL simulations and post PAR. 
  • Audits of FPGA cores, tasks and functional verification of design rules. 
  • Board design and FPGA core for detection of imaging of stars for use in nano satellite navigation. 
  • Package management system telemetry.

Ground Support Systems 

We have developed an emulator antenna for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) placed on Satellite and Communication modules for processing and EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) allowing the simulation and calibration of the satellite subsystems under construction. 



We have participated in the design and implementation of a VHDL CORE for detection of imaging of stars for use in nano satellite navigation. 


Solar Activity Analyzer 

Between the whole instruments that the satellite needs to carry out for its mission in space, we participated in a project where we developed a board with its own FPGA VHDL CORE in order to analyze solar activity on the satellite. 

Board Design for testing of commercial sensors for use in nano (gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer). 


Command and Telemetry Data 

We have performed various processing modules for handling communications and interfaces with the satellite. We have implemented cores handling VME backplane buses and spacewire, communication through MIL-1553 interfaces, UARTs, and memory modules. Management synchronism, receiving control commands and telemetry, error detection and/or correction (Hamming, Reed Solomon, Parity) 


Flight Board

We have participated in the design and implementation of a core in VHDL. 

Testbench for FPGA flight board. 

BPSK demodulator in FPGA flight board. 



Power Supply 

We have performed simulations and tests CORE management, redundant power supply for satellite, simulation delay relay, voltage readings, receiving commands, backplane, among others. 

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