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About Us

We are a company dedicated to the design , development and consulting on embedded electronic systems with over 10 years experience developing solutions with the latest technologies. Our work ranges from consulting and training to the complete development of complex electronic systems , its implementation and the preparation of documentation for each stage. We have a strong track record in the development of embedded systems for the most diverse areas, from gambling to satellite and defense systems . Emtech is formed by a group of highly skilled professionals and enthusiastic when faced with new challenges, look forward to working with you to help solve your problems. We can collaborate on the development of a new idea or product, advise you on the latest technologies and existing tools , or work on a specific design with the technology of their choice.



To be support of companies producing capital goods in the development of high technology electronic level.


To position in 2016 as the best partner for firms producing capital goods and make ourselves known outside Argentina as a provider of high quality engineering in embedded design services.

Principles and Values ​​

  • Creative and innovative : We trained in finding creative solutions to the problems we face , looking for our solutions as simple as possible but at the same time meet the required quality this allows us to innovate , advance and simplify the magnitude of the problems , leading us to develop new products, processes and improvements to existing systems.

  • Honest : We are known as transparent people , always looking to offer our customers the solution that best suits your needs and always deliver what we promise .

  • Professionals: We are people who know embedded with a level of expertise recognized in our environment which has allowed us to move forward and continue to grow in this business.

  • Flexible: We adapt quickly to avoid being rigid circumstances to events, time and people.

  • Excellency. Continuous improvement of members of the company ensures high quality of its research and development This is evident in the positive results of our projects,

  • Passionate Research : Power forward in the application of knowledge we developed in our projects and our commitment to excellence enables us to offer innovative solutions , taking into account the needs of our customers.