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3PA1 Board

The 3PA1 is a flexible board, created for projects that require high processing power, high speed data transfer. The board has several input-output (I/O) to plug "Daughters" that can be added to the board in order to expand the initial capacity by adding the desired components. 

The board permits the use of VQ100 or PQ208 encapsulated, whereby different versions of Actel FPGA can be welded on the board, among which are A3P030, A3P060, A3P125, A3P250, A3P400, A3P600 and A3P1000.


AC/DC power adapter 5VDC 2Amp 2.1mm x 5.5mm

Upper view
Lower view

ID Date Type Name Descripcion
D03 2014 documentation Board 3PA1 - Description
T05 tutorial Introducción práctica al diseño con FPGA 2da Parte (workshop)