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Chalten XA-1 Board


It is a board designed to perform tasks that require high processing power, high speed data transfer and numerous input-output (I / O). "Daughters" boards can be adapted expanding its capacity and add the desired components and new interfaces. 

The board incorporates an ARM9 processor with the capability to run Linux and a Xilinx FPGA Spartan3. Along with the board we offer a cores and software required to provided communication between the FPGA and microprocessor, avoiding the need of Linux kernel modifications. The core of the FPGA has an AMBA bus to facilitate the integration of new custom made cores.



  • Microprocessor Atmel AT91SAM9260 (ARM9) 
  • Internal clock operation 200MHz 
  • Support for Linux (USB, Ethernet, SD card access, etc.) 
  • Xilinx Spartan FPGA 3-400 (400K equivalent gates) 
  • Configurable hardware, with severals interfaces to real time as (sensors, DSP, communications, filtered, PWM, etc.) 
  • Operating frequency> 100 MHz 


  • SDRAM, NAND Flash, Serial Dataflash, uSD Card 

Specific connectivity: 

  • 10/100 Ethernet, USB device, USB host, RS232 Series 

Check User Inputs: 

  • 90 inputs configurable outputs on FPGA. (Electrical interface configurable, 3,3 V, 5V-tolerant with external resistor, 20 I / O differential LVDS) 
  • 46 inputs / outputs on the microprocessor. (3.3 V)

Upper view
Lower view

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D01 2014 documentation Board Chalten XA-1 - Description