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ADC/DAC Mezzanine Card

The FMC01 Mezzanine card was designed to digitize and synthetize high speed signals. Its two ADC channels and two DAC channels allow the user to acquire or generate high–speed signals, i.e. for radar test systems. The board has been characterized and we have developed a HW/SW application framework based on the ZedBoard (Xilinx Zynq FPGA) to test and evaluate every component on the card.  


• 2 Channels

• 16 bits

• 200 MSPS Sample Rate (max 500 MSPS not tested)

• 700 MHz Bandwidth


• 2 Channels

• 16 bits

• 800 MSPS Update Rate

• 200 MSPS Data Rate

Other Specifications:

• 6 Layer PCB

• External trigger input

• On-board voltage monitor

• FMC LPC connector

• Flexible clock management (Onboard and external reference, External clock input, Clock output)

• EEPROM for calibration parameters storage. 

• Tested with ZedBoard (Xilinx Zynq).

Upper view
Lower view

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