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FTHL Board

We design this board in order to have a tool when we need to program devices via JTAG, such as FPGAs, microcontrollers, etc. 

With this design we have a USB 2.0 JTAG interface implemented with the chip manufacturer FTDI FT2232HL. Also this board has a RS-232 serial communication interface and 3.3V levels available, which gives us a number of possible applications.


  • IC FT2232HL 
  • Mini-USB connector 
  • IC EEPROM series 93C46B/SN 
  • Voltage regulator 
  • USB connection LED indicator 
  • Power LED device programming 


By J2 we access the JTAG interface signals and the serial channel. 

We also have available +5V from the USB connector on the PC. 

The LED D2 turns on, when properly connected the USB-JTAG board to program the device. 

When the board is connected to the PC should turn the LED D1. 

Connection to the PC is via the Mini-USB connector.

Upper view
Lower view

ID Date Type Name Descripcion
D06 2014 documentation Board FTHL - Description