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Lanín CM4 Board

This board is intended for development of custom applications based on Cortex M4 microcontroller STM32F417ZGT6. It has the resources needed for rapid development. Through a single USB connection is possible to power the board, configure and debug the firmware via JTAG interface. 

Also, we implemented an IDE based on Eclipse, with tutorials and examples that permits you start from scratch a new application development on this platform.

  • Components
      • 1 Mbytes of Flash memory
      • 192 kbyte of SRAM memory
      • 2 USB OTG port interface
      • Serial wire debug (SWD) y JATG interfaces
      • Flexible static memory controller
      • 3x12-bits, 2.4 MSPS A/D converter: uo to 24 channels
      • 2x12-bits D/A converters
      • General purpose DMA
      • Up to 17 timers
      • 4 USART, 3 SPI, 3 I2C, 2 CAN
      • SDIO interface
      • Camera interface
    • PHY Ethernet KS8721BL
    • FT2232H
    • Transceivers RS485 SN65HVD10D


  • Power Requiremnts
    • AC/DC power adapter 5VDC, 1Amp - 2.1mm x 5.5mm
    • Mini-USB B

Upper view
Lower view

ID Date Type Name Descripcion
SDK-L 2014 herramienta Placa Lanín SDK IDE basado en eclipse como entorno de desarrollo embebido para microcontroladores ARM.
D02 2014 documentation Board Lanin-CM4 v1 - Description
Webinar "Explotando al CortexM usando un RTOS" demo Webinar "Explotando al CortexM usando un RTOS"
Brochure Lanin 2015 documentation Brochure Emtech Lanin Brochure Emtech Lanin