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This application includes the use of a Zynq-based processing board and ADC+DAC mezzanine card. The work consisted in the development of a hardware and software framework for signal acquisition, generation, processing and monitoring. The signals from the converters were processed in real-time at 200 Msps using the Zynq PL (FPGA), and analyzed offline using software on the Zynq PS (SoC). 

The PL (FPGA) design includes cores for clock management, DDR DAC and ADC interfaces, control blocks, and real-time filer implementations. The logic is mapped to the PS using an AXI-bridge block.

The PS (SoC) base software can perform FFTs on acquired data to analyze the input data channels. Linux is used as the SoC Operating System and an embedded web server implements the UI, including graphics based screens for management and monitoring of the PL functionality. This includes options to select signal source, control the ADC and DAC channels, define the filter coefficients and view signal characteristics (waveforms and frequency characteristics). 

• Zynq 7000 device

• Proprietary AXI Peripheral Cores 

• Fast DAC-ADC FPGA Interfaces

• Real-Time DSP Functions on FPGA Fabric

• Advanced DSP Analysis using Software

• Linux OS on Zynq SoC

• Embedded Web Server 

• Software / Web-Based Control of FPGA Cores and Peripherals

Upper view
Lower view

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