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We provide schematic circuit design according to the requirements defined by the customer and good practice. Designing PCBs 2 , 4, 6 or more layers , with integrity simulations and analysis of time signals . We carry board design low and high frequency , analog , digital and mixed designs, manufacturing and assembly management , implementation and verification.


Circuit Design Services: 

  • System architecture design
  • Analog, digital and mixed circuits
  • Parts selection
  • Schematic capture
  • Circuit Verification

PCB layout services: 

  • Analog and digital designs
  • Split ground planes
  • Buried via, micro via, via-in-pad, fine-line
  • Low to high density boards
  • Generation of gerbers and assembly files
  • Good knowledge of PCB manufacturer requirements
  • Design for EMC

ASIC Design:

  • Experience with Synopsys tool 
  • RTL design and entry
  • RTL synthesis
  • Codification with System Verilog and VHDL
  • ASIC or FPGA place and route (P&R)

ASIC Verification:

  • Functional simulation, manual, and automated regression testing
  • Design for test including scan insertion, BIST, test vector generation and coverage enhancement
  • TestBench
  • Static Timing Analysis
  • RTL to gate equivalence verification
  • Reusable and programmable UVM environment




Our experience ranges from embedded systems applications resolved " Baremetal " through embedded OS , embedded real-time OS and embedded GNU / Linux applications.

We have experience porting various OS to different hardware platforms, such as Linux , Coos , ChibiOS to architectures ARM9 , Cortex M3 and M4, also we have developed the necessary drivers for each case and for communication with the boards peripherals, as touch screens , USB, Ethernet , and others.


We have successfully implemented :

  • Bootloaders development .
  • Web Servers, Telnet , TCP , UDP , TFTP , NTP, Web Encryption (SSL / TLS ) using lwIP .
  • Interfaces between different protocols (Ethernet , SDIO , I2C , SPI , CAN , etc.) .
  • Image processing for pattern recognition. 
  • Management protocols GPS ( NMEA and owners).
  • Communication via GPRS modules.
  • User interfaces through touch displays ( ChibiOS + + uGFX and ChibiOS GEWN ) .
  • Implementation of embedded Linux and support systems (u- boot , barebox , first- bootloader ) for ARM9 .
  • Assembly and testing toolchains for embedded Linux uClibc as glibc both / EGLIBC .
  • Deploying Linux distributions using buildroot , armstrong, OpenWRT and TLIB .
  • Modifying Debian 5.0 binary distribution for use in embedded systems.
  • Development of Linux drivers .
  • Web application development for embedded systems using lighttpd , busybox httpd and apache.
  • SDK for developing embedded Linux platform (Win / Linux ) using eclipse + gcc.
  • Basic infrastructure control via web - app for embedded linux ( sh- CGI , Javascript ) .
  • Developing applications using QT Embedded.


User Interfaces:

We believe that a good product should be easily manipulated, to do so, in our design process, we focus to make the user interaction as simple and efficient as possible, also a friendly and easy setup experience with the device.


The user interfaces we have implemented are :

  • Embedded web page for configuration board and data visualization.
  • Telnet console for configuration and data visualization.
  • USB console for configuration and data visualization.
  • Loads files using TFTP.
  • Computer application software GUI .
  • Keyboards .
  • Push .
  • Touchscreens.
  • LCD Display.
  • LED Signs .
  • Audio devices .

We develop custom designs for both FPGAs as integrated circuits ( ASIC) , ranging from simple control systems to systems signal processing and communications. We have experience in different technologies and manufacturers.

FPGA Design Services:

  • HDL Programming.
  • IP core design.
  • Vivado/EDK/ISE project design.
  • Design modification.
  • Simulation.
  • Debugging.
  • Timing closure.

Some examples of designs with FPGAs are:

  • Applications in radar
  • Pre - processing of signals.
  • Timing signal generation .
  • Targets simulators.
  • Space applications
  • Implementation of algorithms for detecting and correcting errors.
  • Management of mass storage systems .
  • Ground Support System .
  • Telemetry applications
  • Acquisition and generation of analog and digital signals .
  • Measurement systems, data processing and presentation of analog signals.
  • communications
  • Communication between different communication interfaces .


Our experience in the functional verification of FPGA designs for complex systems, allowed us to develop a simulation framework for a quickly construction of a complete testbench, facilitates communication with standard interfaces and automates the execution of test cases and result analyzing. The architecture of the framework allows adding signal generators and recorders outputs a simple and scalable manner .

This framework allows us to ensure that the FPGA implementation of our clients corresponds to the specification of the system design to shortly verify.



emtech's vision for training is to stay flexible and provide the training you need in the time you want it.


emtech experts have helped many of our customers as a training service provider. We have an existing stock of 14 training ready to be delivered either presential or remotely.

Flexibility is one of emtech values, and training wise, we understand the natural demand for specific needs for specific customers and we maintain our experts up to date on most common embedded systems topics, which enables emtech to rapidly produce and adapt a high quality training to be delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

Training has been an integral and permanent part of our work. Through emtech Training we offer custom courses of embedded systems according to the needs of your business. 


 Some Available Courses  


  • Design of embedded systems using LANIN board 
  • Practical introduction to FPGA design 
  • AMBA bus in FPGA designs 
  • Chalten: Board with micro ARM9 and FPGA 
  • Digital Signal Processing with FPGA 
  • Experiences with multilayer PCB 
  • Developing driver for embedded linux 
  • Jtag and associated technologies
  • Android programming Course

Over the past 10 years, emtech has enabled partners to succeed in complex engineering projects.


Over the past 10 years emtech has provided valuable advice to our partners through the experienced and expertise of our engineers. 

emtech, as a consulting partner, helps in the technical decision making process and also participates in the decision making process, helping to define, track and report progress in project development. 


Our experience enables covering all project lifecycle stages, from early planning to system bring-up and long term maintenance.